The Štěpan Zavřel Editorial Project & Other Special Projects

The ‘Štěpan Zavřel’ International Study Centre for the Culture of Childhood alongside the eponymous Art Museum  creates and promotes cultural projects at both international and local level and collaborates with various international organizations and institutions with a focus on the picture book and various art forms aimed at the child. This Study Centre in addition to doing research on the artist, promotes the Museum activities arising from field research with experts in the sector; as well as various projects to republish or newly publish in collaboration with the historic publisher Bohem Press founded by Štěpan in the Seventies.  Bohem Press publishes masterpieces by Zavřel, the Bohemian illustrator, and is winner of numerous awards and is recognised for the themes and beauty of the images of their books. These special projects are aimed specifically at schools.

In the  ‘Štěpán Zavřel’ editorial project, synergy is fundamental between the scientific research on the artist, the design, and proposed special projects and the cross-pollination between the different artistic genres in the books, namely art, theatre animation and music.  The Study Centre and Spazio Brazzà have a shared commitment to the recovery and promotion of editorial work by Zavřel with Bohem Press Italy.  Spazio Brazzà is responsible for the management and monitoring of the artist’s rights on behalf of the Zavřel family.

In the newly released editions considerable importance is attached to inserting unpublished original works by the artist from the Spazio Brazzà archive, resulting in a new edition that respects the integrity of the original work.

This careful rendition of books, through detailed study and comparison of text and image, which follows the integrity of the original editions as much as possible.  Hence the re-edition of books by Štěpán Zavřel, which continue to delight audiences of old and young readers. These editions are republished or newly published.
Le edizioni ripubblicate o pubblicate ex novo

Other Special Projects:

– Progetto ‘Venice: Town of Hope’ – Kiev (Ucraina)  Progetto pilota / prima edizione
– Progetto The way to the Sun – Kiev (Ucraina) – Il Sole Ritrovato – Seconda edizione
– Il Pesce Magico nella favela di Florianopolis (Brasile)
– Il Pesce Magico: Workshop di teatro d’ombra
– L’Ultimo Albero: Piccoli Esploratori Crescono nel Parco di Brazzà
Dipingere con la luce – l’arte di Štěpán Zavřel. Workshop d’arte, pittura digitale e teatro

The ‘Štěpán Zavřel’ International Study Centre for the Culture of Childhood aims to promote cultural and educational activities, scientific research and cataloguing, editorial, activities for teachers, writers, illustrators and students in the arts, literature, theatre and music, with proposals for dialogue between different artistic languages. An international award for children’s books is also planned.

The association intends to develop and promote national and international cultural events in co-operation with other organizations, both public and private institutions, the design and production of exhibitions, events and educational proposals and workshops, as well as guided tours for schools and private individuals.

As the cultural association proposes itself as a meeting place fulfilling a social function of civil maturation and human growth and through contact with representatives of culture, art and international art illustration, addressing in particular the culture of childhood.

The Study Centre is directed by Marina Tonzig, art historian, curator, art specialist and has access to the scientific advice of children’s theatre expert, Mafra Gagliardi, author of children’s books and some of the earliest illustrated examples designed by Zavřel (Il Pesce Magico, Il Ladro di Colori, Pinin e Rinoceronte).

Board of Directors:

  • Cécile Cornet d’Elzius – President
  • Corrado Pirzio Biroli – Vice-President
  • Marina Tonzig – Director of the Scientific Committee

© Text by Marina Tonzig